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Just For Erica - Butch Handwritten Lyrics & Signed 8x10

sorry for all of the cross-posting people! we just have to get the
word out. :) )

Hey everyone!
Just wanted to let you know about an item we've just put up for
auction on eBay. Butch has been extremely generous in helping out
with Ericka's benefit, and he's donated some pretty incredible
things. On Saturday night at the benefit, he donated 8
different "plaques" that are one of a kind and wonderful.

On one side, they have a signed 8x10 (all came with different
messages) from his "Sober" promo shots, and on the other, they all
came with one time reproductions of his handwritten original lyrics
to various songs off of Left of Self Centered.

We auctioned off all of them, except there was a little
misunderstanding about one.

So, now you have it. You have the opportunity to bid on your very own
11x14 matted Butch Walker signed promo photo and handwritten lyrics
to "My Way." I don't know how to describe exactly how awesome it was
to see these and hold them in my hand. and I know it would be the
perfect thing to add to a Butch Walker fan's collection. Plus, 100%
of the proceeds are going to go to our Just for Erica benefit fund.
And I'll throw in some extra promotional stuff I have laying around
the house, and some photos from the Variety Playhouse show that I

So please check this out at:
It will only be up for a week! :)
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