Tessa (vivahate) wrote in marvelous3fans,

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butch walker baby!

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I am SO jealous!
So VERY jealous!!!
haha it's just butch. (i say as thousands of girls go crazy...)

if it makes you feel better i ended up not getting my VIP pass until after the show so i only got to talk to him and the guys... no looking cool backstage during the show. ;) lol.
HEY! That's still beyond wicked cool!
At least you got to see 'em.
I'm stuck out here in Colorado and NOBODY (Butch) EVER comes here. M3 was here about 3 years ago, but it snowed so much that I couldn't to the show.
So from now on I am living vicariously through you. Deal!?!
Haha... you may live vicariously through me as much as you'd like. :)

That really sucks that you're deprived of Butch! Good luck getting him out there!

I can sympathize... some of my favorite artists never come anywhere near Atlanta. Not cool.
Oh I plan on it! Thanks for going along with the deal! ^_^

What other artists do you like?
oh god i'm into a ton of bands... some are listed in my userinfo. some i have pages up for on my site (linked in userinfo). pick a genre and i'll give you some bands. lol.

my favorites would probably be: marvelous 3 (butch walker), jump little children, will hoge, sloan, bright eyes, remy zero, better than ezra, tinkers punishment...

that's a hard question for me. lol.

who are you into?